Do you want to know how many jobs are available in shoe manufacturing industry and their best paying jobs.

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In the United States, the shoe manufacturing industry employs 12,646 individuals.

Although there was a decrease in employees between 2016 and 2021, there was an increase in 2022 and 2023 which suggests a possibility of future growth in the industry.

While the footwear industry predominantly operates outside the United States, job opportunities in this field are often available in other countries such as China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

These nations are major players in the industry, accounting for more than 75% of global footwear production in 2021.

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What is the footwear industry?

The fashion industry related to shoes, boots, sandals and other accessories for feet is known as the footwear industry.

In this industry, designers and retailers aim to combine functionality with fashion to create footwear that not only serves a purpose but also complements an outfit.

For instance, a sneaker designer may incorporate modern design elements into a shoe that’s suitable for running.

Similarly, a boot designer may prioritize performance-related characteristics such as a steel toe or waterproof exterior while still ensuring that the shoe is stylish enough to match an outfi

Best Paying Jobs In Shoe Manufacturing

Listed below are some of the best paying jobs in shoe manufacturing industry and they include:

  1. Footwear product tester: $46,704 per year
  2. Footwear salesperson: $51,757 per year
  3. Shoe designer: $56,104 per year
  4. Footwear buyer: $56,183 per year
  5. Footwear sales associate: $59,591 per year
  6. Footwear marketing manager: $63,938 per year
  7. Brand strategist: $70,643 per year
  8. Footwear project manager: $76,846 per year
  9. Footwear developer: $77,283 per year
  10. Senior planner: $83,782 per year
  11. Footwear product manager: $90,414 per year
  12. Innovation manager: $98,495 per year
  13. Visual manager: $106,260 per year

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Is Shoe Manufacturing A Good Career Path?

Indeed, shoe manufacturing is an industry that holds a significant position in society and serves as a crucial source of employment.

It stands out as one of the largest employers of labor worldwide.

Furthermore, pursuing a career in shoe manufacturing can be highly fulfilling and comes with numerous advantages.

How many people work in shoe factories?

As of 2023, the Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing industry in the US has employed a total of 12,662 individuals.

What is the career of making shoes?

Artisans who specialize in designing, crafting, and repairing personalized footwear are known as shoemakers or cobblers.

This profession demands exceptional skills and meticulous attention to detail to produce one-of-a-kind shoes, boots, and other types of footwear.

What is the job description of a shoe factory worker?

Footwear Factory Workers carry out repetitive tasks in the production of footwear.

These tasks include manually cutting shoe components, transporting materials to machines, and examining and finalizing the finished footwear.

Which country is best for manufacturing of shoes?

It is not surprising that China, which is the top producer of footwear globally, also holds the position of the leading footwear exporter in the world.


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