How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Banks ($139,000)?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Banks

Are you looking for how many jobs are available in Major Banks or do you want to know the best-paying jobs in Major Banks.

Then this article is for you.

In this article, we shall be discussing how many jobs are available in Major Banks, the best-paying jobs in Major Banks with their growth rate and annual salary.

According to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 15 largest banks in the United States have a combined $13.44 trillion in assets.

Major Banks include commercial banks, consumer or retail banks, and investment banks.

The job market is constantly changing and it is always tedious to keep up with the latest job and market trends.

If you’re looking for a good career path with a high percentage of job opportunities, then Major Banks is open for you.

That’s not all we have, keep reading..

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How Many Jobs Are Actually Available In Major Banks?

According to recent survey, thre are approximately 1,800,000 Major Banks jobs available in the United State.

This figure has been increasing constantly during the previous few years, and it is anticipated that the figure we keep rising in years to come.

In 2021 alone, the banking industry added over 75,000 jobs in the Major Banks sector since there are more people who are willing to save and invest their money wisely.

So if you’re looking for a stable and we’ll paying career, then look no further than Banking.

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Best Paying Jobs In Major Banks

Three are a wide variety of jobs available in Major Banks in the United States. You can work in different positions such as Customer Service Representative, Human Resources Specialist, Bank Teller and Finance Managers.

Listed below are the best paying jobs in Major Banks Industry and they inclu

  1. FINANCIAL MANAGER (Average Pay: $ 131,701)
  2. PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL OFFICER (Average Pay: $98,980)
  3. FINANCIAL ANALYST (Average Pay: $81,410)
  4. FINANCIAL EXAMINER (Average Pay: $81,410)
  5. BUDGET ANALYST (Average Pay: $79,940)
  6. INTERNAL AUDITOR (Average Pay: $77,250)
  7. Branch Manager (Average Pay: $64,143)
  8. LOAN OFFICER (Average Pay: $63,380)
  9. SECURITY AND COMMODITY AGENT (Average Pay: $62,910)
  10. BANK TELLER (Average Pay: $36,310

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1. Financial Manager: $131,701 per year

A Financial Manager is an expert who’s responsible for overseeing the finances of top organizations, firms, Agencies, or companies and everything between them.

In correlation with their team, they coordinate accounting and produce financial reports, profit projections, and cash flow statements.

Financial Manager is one of the best paying jobs under Major Banks with an annual salary of $131,701 annually

If you’re asking how many jobs are available in Major Banks, then Financial Manager should be your best alternative.

2. Principal Financial Officer: $98,980 per year

A Principal Financial Officer is an expert or head of an investment bank’s Principal Finance division that oversees the principal finance dealings of a company or firm.

These dealings usually involve high grade bonds that are used to finance new projects for firms.

Principal Financial Officer is regarded as one of the most respected and most sought after career path in Major Banks since they recieve a high pay of $89,890 per year.

If you’re asking how many jobs are available in Major Banks, then Principal Financial Officer should be your best alternative.


3. Financial Analyst: $81,410 per year

A Financial Analyst is a professional who is responsible for tracking the progress of a company’s financial performances against a plan, analyzing business performance and market conditions to create forecasts, and helping senior management make tactical and strategic decisions by enunciating periodic reports.

Financial Analyst is a good career path for those who are good at tracking the progress of a business.

A Financial Analyst earns an average of $81,410 per year in the United States.

4. Financial Examiner: $81,410 per year

A Financial Examiner is responsible for Monitoring lending activity to ensure that borrowers are treated fairly.

Financial Examiners ensure compliance with laws that govern institutions handling monetary transactions.

They also ensure that they review the balance sheets, evaluate the risk of the level of loans and assess bank management.

If you’re looking for one of the best-paying jobs under Major Banks, then Financial Examiner is a good choice.

A Financial Examiner earns an average of $81,410 annually in the United States.

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5. Budget Analyst: $79,940 per year

A Budget Analyst is an expert who’s responsible for analyzing the company’s budget and unraveling better ways to allocate resources more efficiently.

They ensure they carry out this task by organizing finances, preparing accurate reports on day-to-day spending of funds, and overseeing institutional spending to create cost-benefit analyses which assist businesses in running efficiently.

If you’re looking for how many jobs are available in Major Banks, then Budget Analyst is a good choice.

A Budget Analysts earns an average of $79,940 annually in the United States

Is Major Banks Sector A Good Career Path?

Yes, Major Banks are a good career path if you’ve enthusiasm for banking and Finance.

If you’re good with maths and financial records, then your skill can lead you to a career in this industry.

Finance jobs under Major Banks can be rewarding and lucrative with other benefits such as good working conditions, high salary earnings, flexibility, and exposure to Learning new skills.



The major and largest banks in the United States are listed below:

  1. JPMorgan Chase, with a market capitalization of $488.47 billion and total assets of $3.31 trillion.
  2. Bank of America, with a market capitalization of $325.33 billion and total assets of $2.52 trillion.
  3. Citigroup, with a market cap of $123.94 billion, with total assets of $1.67 trillion.
  4. Wells Fargo, with a market cap of $197 billion and total assets of $1.78 trillion.
  5. Goldman Sachs, with a market cap of $100.7 billion.
  6. Morgan Stanley, with a market cap of $182 billion.
  7. Charles Schwab Corporation, with a market cap of $105.62 billion.

Which degree is best for banking?

The degree you need to work in banking depends on the position you’re interested in.

Most banks demand at least a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions.

However, a master’s degree is probably something you should obtain if you’re interested in executive or leadership positions.

You also need to have some experience in the financial industry, according to several banks.

So be sure to examine the prerequisites for the positions that interest you if you’re seeking for work at a bank.

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How many positions are there in a bank?

Bank tellers, bank or branch managers, loan and mortgage officers, credit analyzers, and office or administrative employees make up the backbone of a bank.

According to the responsibilities of each of those five professions, larger banks employ several different levels of each.

How many services are provided by banks?

Accounts for savings, Bank cards and credit cards. Treasury services and merchant services (credit card processing, check collecting, reconciliation, and reporting) (payroll services, deposit services, etc.)

What is the highest job in a bank?

The highest paying jobs in retail banking usually belong to loan officers and major corporate executives, such as the chief financial officer (CFO) and chief risk officer (CRO).



Banking is a great and constantly growing industry for people who are looking for stability and long-term potential job opportunities.

There are obviously thousands of banking jobs available all over the world and especially in the U.S with a constant increase in demand for more workers.

If you’re passionate about Finance and Banking, don’t hesitate to process your application.

This is all we have for “How Many Jobs Are Available in Major Banks“?

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