How Many Jobs are Available in Diversified Commercial Services?

How Many Jobs are Available in Diversified Commercial Services

Do you want to know how many jobs are available in Diversified Commercial Services and the top paying jobs.

Then this article is for you.

The need for diversified commercial services is on the rise as businesses continue to expand and evolve.

Over the last decade, the number of available jobs in this sector has consistently increased and there are no indications of a slowdown in the near future.

The range of responsibilities and requirements for these roles can differ significantly based on the particular industry and job position.

That’s not all, keep on reading…

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What Are Commercial Services?

Commercial services refer to a category of businesses that offer goods and services to other entities, whether they be companies, organizations, or individuals.

These services can pertain to a particular industry or provide support across various industries.

They are commonly known as “B2B” services since they involve transactions between businesses rather than with consumers.

There are numerous types of commercial services available, including financial consulting, marketing research, web design, software development, IT support, administrative assistance, legal advice, and many others.

These services can be utilized by any business that requires assistance with tasks that they lack the expertise to handle on their own.

For instance, an e-commerce enterprise may contract a financial advisor to manage their finances, or a manufacturing firm might employ an IT consultant to develop new software for their operations.


Certainly, pursuing a career in diversified commercial services can be a smart choice.

Commercial services refer to companies that offer some type of profitable product or service to customers.

Often, these companies specialize in a particular good, service, or industry.

Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for commercial service firms to expand their offerings to include new products.

When a commercial service provider introduces a new product or service that is distinct from its original offerings, this is known as diversified commercial services.

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Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Services

Here are 19 great jobs in diversified commercial services:

  1. Research And Development Scientist
  2. Corporate Lawyer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Marketing Manager
  6. Project Manager
  7. Director Of Distribution
  8. Business Consultant
  9. Corporate Accounting Manager
  10. Finance Analyst
  11. Insurance Agent
  12. Technical Writer
  13. Event Planner
  14. Sales Representative
  15. Driver Jobs 
  16. Phone Representatives
  17. Musician
  18. Administrative Assistant
  19. Customer Service Representatives

1. Research and Development Scientist: $87,000 per year

When companies aim to broaden their range of commercial services, they typically seek the expertise of research and development scientists.

These professionals utilize their skills to innovate and enhance existing products, as well as develop new ones. In order for a company to successfully venture into a new field of diversified commercial services, it is crucial to gather data on the new products or services beforehand.

Research and Development Scientist is one of the best paying jobs in Diversified Commercial Services with an annual salary of $87,000.

2. Corporate Lawyer. $133,000 per year

Expanding into a different product line or industry requires extensive legal work.

A diversified commercial services enterprise must have a proficient team of corporate attorneys to navigate through the regulations and potential competition acquisitions.

This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in immersing themselves in the realm of business law.

Corporate lawyers’ duties may vary from advising on business matters to representing their company in mergers, acquisitions, or government hearings.

A Corporate Lawyer salary in the United States is estimated around $133,000 per year.

3. Data Scientist: $102,000 per year

A data scientist’s primary role is to gather and scrutinize data to aid their organization or client in making informed business decisions.

In industries with varied commercial services, a data scientist’s expertise is essential to determine the efficacy of diversification or to assess its potential benefits.

Data scientists are passionate about numbers, pattern recognition, and solving complex problems.

While it is advantageous to possess coding skills, it is not mandatory as most data scientists rely heavily on computer-based tools.

However, the most crucial aptitude for a data scientist is the ability to efficiently collect and communicate data.

A Data Scientist salary in the United States is estimated around 102,000 per year.


4.Software Engineer: $95,000 per year

Software engineers are professionals who specialize in designing and enhancing software applications.

They contribute to the development and upkeep of the software products or services offered by a company. Given the dynamic nature of software, engineers must continually fix errors and enhance applications.

They are typically motivated individuals who thrive on having a steady stream of tasks to tackle.

A Software Engineer salary in the United States is estimated around 95,000 per year.

5. Marketing Manager: $107,000 per year

When a company ventures into a new commercial service, the marketing function assumes a crucial role in educating consumers and avoiding any confusion.

Marketing managers must balance creativity and rationality while devising a campaign that is engaging while ensuring they are taking the appropriate steps.

As a result, marketing managers rely heavily on data, particularly from focus groups, and efficiently delegate tasks to their staff.

A Marketing Manager salary in the United States is estimated around 107,000 per year.

6. Project Manager: $96,000 per year

Project Manager is one of the best paying jobs in Diversified Commercial Services.

A plethora of projects accompanies diversified commercial services, and it falls upon project managers to ensure their successful completion.

To accomplish this task, they collaborate with their team and make necessary adjustments as required.

Given their expertise in people management and organizational skills, project managers are well-suited for this role.

As such, individuals aspiring to leadership positions can consider project management as a stepping stone to upper management.

A Project Manager salary in the United States is estimated around 96,000 per year.

7. Director of Distribution: $126,000 per year

Numerous commercial enterprises expand their operations into product lines that demand careful management of their distribution channels.

The responsibility of overseeing this task falls upon the Director of Distribution, who ensures that the products are efficiently transported from their point of origin, such as a factory, to the shipping companies, warehouses, and ultimately, to the end-users.

A Director of Distribution salary in the United States is estimated around 126,000 per year.

8. Business Consultant: $94,000 per year

Not all businesses are certain about their inclination towards diversifying their commercial services.

Even if they do, they might require guidance on selecting the optimal route to pursue.

Hence, business consultants have a significant presence in the diversified commercial services sector.

Business consultants offer a variety of assistance, ranging from specialized knowledge in a specific field to a broad understanding of the industry.

Your interests and skillset determine the type of consultant you aspire to be.

9. Corporate Accounting Manager: $102,000 per year

Commercial services always have a continuous flow of money, which is tracked and managed by corporate accountant managers.

These professionals supervise a team of accountants and keep upper management informed about the financial status of the company.

A successful corporate accountant manager possesses excellent organizational skills and a passion for numbers.

Besides managing financial data, they also excel in delegating responsibilities and providing guidance to their team during peak periods, such as tax season.

10. Sales Director: $192, 813

If a company expands its offerings to include a new product or service, it must be marketed to consumers, and the sales director is responsible for ensuring its successful sale.

The sales director collaborates with the marketing department and sales team to develop a consistent sales pitch for the consumers.

Sales directors thrive on interpersonal interactions and enjoy working with a diverse range of individuals, including customers, colleagues, and industry contacts.

They utilize their strong social skills to promote their company and its objectives.

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The commercial services industry provides numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career due to its diverse nature.

It caters to individuals with different personalities, educational backgrounds, and skill sets, ranging from outgoing extroverts to introverted individuals, high school graduates to Ph.D. holders.

Furthermore, the industry’s significant integration into the American economy provides a great potential for long-term career stability, making it an attractive option for job seekers.


As its name suggests, the industry of diversified commercial services offers a range of opportunities.

If you are an ambitious individual seeking professional growth and success, this industry has a lot to offer.

Diversified commercial services encompasses some of the most fascinating roles in the business world, spanning from marketing and project management to software technology and research and development.

Many people have pursued careers in this field, so if you find yourself intrigued, don’t be surprised.

It’s time to polish up your resume and start applying for jobs in diversified commercial services.

This is all we have for “How Many Jobs are Available in Diversified Commercial Services?”

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