15 Best Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities Central

Best Paying Jobs In electric Utilities Central

Are you looking for the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central or you want to get the latest gist on their salaries.

Then this article is for you.

In this article we shall be talking about the high paying jobs and employment opportunities available in Electric Utilities Central, their respective salaries in hourly and yearly including their various responsibilities.

The Electric Utilities Central sector have experienced a high growth in recent years as a result of the high paying jobs it offers.

Due to the dynamic responsibilities of Electric Utility jobs, it have resulted to a gradual increase in demand, besides according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Electric Utility Industry is currently one of the top employer of labor in the United States.

Considering the growth rate and job prospects, numerous people consider a career path in this sector

We have given out the best paying jobs for you, all you have to do is to read through and pick anyone of your choice.

That’s not all, keep reading…

15 Best Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities Central

The Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central are listed below:

  1. Hydroelectric Plant Operator
  2. Power Lineman 
  3. Transmission Engineer
  4. Power Systems Engineer
  5. Power Distribution Engineer
  6. Power Engineer
  7. Power Transmission Engineer
  8. Substation Engineer
  9. Utility Manager
  10. Pipeline Controller
  11. Radiation Engineer
  12. Gas Controller
  13. Power System Dispatcher
  14. Nuclear Licensing Engineer
  15. Power Plant Engineer

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1. Hydroelectric Plant Operator: $32,000-$83,000 per year 

A Hydroelectric Plant Operator is an expert who manages and oversees the day-to-day functions of power plants by controlling and maintaining the equipments that provides electricity.

They are also responsible for regulating and also monitoring the flow of electricity flow out of the power plants. They also regulate how water flows in the turbines in order to checkmate any possible issues.

They troubleshoot equipment failures or other difficulties develop in addition to monitoring operations, managing power flow, and completing planned maintenance and equipment checks.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Operator is one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central.

They are estimated to earn an average of $22.03 per hour or $32,000-$83,000 annually.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, their is expected to be a growth rate of -6% and thus producing-3,100 job opportunities across United States before 2028.

2. Power Lineman: $37.53 an hour; $78,066 a year

A Power Lineman also known as an Electrical Lineman is responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining high-powered electrical lines or wires.

They undertake construction work in order to fix lines, utilise equipment to access location in need of repairs and also trains apprentices to do the job in your absence.

Since the risk level in this career path is specifically high, they need to be professional trained to overcome the risk outcome.

A Power Lineman makes an average of $37.53 per hour or $78,066 to $79,000 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career is expected to grow by 10% before 2028 and also provide 74,100 job opportunities in the United States alone.

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3. Transmission Engineer: $42.35 per hour; $88,086 per year

Transmission Engineer are divided into two categories which are:

One who works with television and broadcasting companies, making sure broadcast are uninterrupted and run efficiently.

They are also responsible for maintaining transmission equipments, managing departmental, regulating incoming feeds and outgoing transmission and troubleshooting any issues that occur.

Another is the one who works with power holding companies and they are responsible for designing and testing energy generation and transmission systems for clients.

Transmission Engineer is one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central currently in United States.

A Transmission Engineer makes an average of $42. 35 per hour or $88,086 per year.

4. Power Systems Engineer: $73,000-$102,000 per year

A Power System Engineer is responsible for developing, evaluating and managing electrical power distribution systems for a Utility company or substation.

They tend to assist the Project Manager in determining the optimal places for new Electrical projects such as substations, power plants or wind turbines.

As a professional Power System Engineer, you must also establish the appropriate positions for controllers inside these sites.

In general, they work on all aspects of power system supply in order to boost efficiency and assist the company which you work in meeting it’s objectives.

Power System Engineer is one of the most complex career path anyone should go into in Electrical Utilities Central.

A Power System Engineer makes an average of $73,000-$102,000 per year.

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5. Power Distribution Engineer: $43.14 an hour; $89,724 a year

A Power Distribution Engineer is an Electrical Engineer who distributes and adjust electric currents to the generation of plants and load centers.

They also monitor the equipments and investigate it to ensure that the proper power is reached at the right loading centers.

They also create and implement electrical network, developing site electrical processes, offering technical direction for wiring systems and managing electrical system operation from the start to the end.

Power Distribution Engineer is one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central with an average estimated salary of $ 43.14 per hour and $89,724 per year.

6. Power Transmission Engineer: $70,000-$114,000 per year

A Power Transmission Engineer is a professional who is responsible for planning energy transmission routes, surveying maps and GIS data in order to determine the best transmission line routing from the energy source to the final destination been the consumer.

You must be able to develop the most effective route while still adhering to safety and environmental rules.

You will play a critical role in the infrastructure of the electricity system in this job.

A Power Transmission Engineer supervises and monitors the building of the power system in addition to the design and logistics of the power system.

If you’re looking for the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central, then Power Transmission Engineer is for you.

A Power Transmission Engineer makes an average of $70,000-$114,000 annually.

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7. Power Engineer: $85,150

A Power Engineer is an expert who is in charge of monitoring Industrial and commerical power facilities and utility systems.

They also follow the process of executing machinery care upgrade and sticking to safe operating protocols.

 They’re also in charge of complete electrical grid for the facility, which includes water purification, air-conditioning, lightning and any other utility producing system

Power Engineer is one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central according to BLS.

A Power Engineer makes an average of $85,000 annually.

8. Substation Engineer: $35,000- $145,000

A Substation Engineer or Substation Electrical Engineer is a professional who is responsible for producing sketches and records and decides the appropriate cable size and type for each station or companies.

They construct utility substation designs, plans and work with the project team and other employees and officers to complete schematics.

To be employed as a Substation Engineer, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and also possess an exceptional problem-solving mentality and ability.

Looking for one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central, then Substation Engineer is open for you.

A Substation Engineer makes an average of $35,000-$145,000 annually.

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9. Utility Manager: $47,000-$115,500 per year

One of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central is nothing less than Utility Manager.

They are professionals who control facilities such as water treatment plants, electricity plants, and telecommunications companies that offer essential services to citizens in a city, town, or region. 

Utility Managers ensure that infrastructures are up to date and request maintenance in a condition where utility systems need to be serviced.

A Utility Manager profession in Electric Utilities Central is regarded as one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central with an average of$47,000-$125,500 annually.

10. Pipeline Controller: $64,500-$116,000 per year

You monitor and regulate pipeline system activities as a pipeline controller. You keep an eye on pipelines for leaks, make sure liquid natural gas or oil keeps flowing, organize emergency actions when issues arise, and keep track of important occurrences.

To manage systems, assist optimize power use, connect with customers, and educate new personnel, pipeline controllers usually utilize established protocols and procedures.

Pipeline controllers travel on occasion, although the majority of their work is done at a centralized control site.

To deal with difficulties as they emerge, this profession frequently requires problem-solving, teamwork, and multitasking. Pipeline controllers are comfortably one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central.

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11. Radiation Engineer: $72,500-$118,500 per year

A Radiation Engineer is an expert who works in energy and technology industries to perform and organize the effects of radiation in Electric Utilities settings.

They ensure they provide trustworthy theoretical analysis, which is often premised with whatever test they’ve carried out.

Expert in this sector, tend to worry out the performance of utility systems, networks and equipments during and after radiation exposure.

They also design layout and components that meets the standard for operating at optimal radiation levels while giving account of their fundings.

Recommendation from experts in Utility sector shows that radiology is one of the best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central.

They earn an average of $72,500-$118,500 per year

12. Gas Controller: $77,000-$120,000 per year

A Gas Controller is an expert who ensures that clients receive the gas or oil they need at the right volume, pressure and temperature.

They also monitor pipelines and collaborate with fellow employees when mapping out solution for an existing problem.

You enforce safety regulations, conduct safety inspections, and supervise oil and gas transportation.

To become a professional Gas Controller, you need to be physically active, respond well to tight deadlines and enjoy providing solutions to problems

Gas Controllers earns an average of $77,000-$120,000 per year.

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13. Electrical Project Manager: $87,000 per year

An Electrical Project Manager are expert who specializes in projects that deals with electrical processes.

As a result of this, Electrical Project Managers need to obtain a solid background in Electrical Technology, either in Electrical Trades or Electrical Engineering.

Electrical Project Managers are mostly found in all kinds of electrical scenes such as expanding the capability of a power bank of connecting a building to a power grid and as a result of the versatility of their job, they have to be good in organising and managing projects from different companies.

An Electrical Project Manager earns an average of $87,000 annually, which makes Electrical Project Manager under Electric Utilities Central a good career path.

14. Nuclear License Engineer: $110,000 – Per Year

A Nuclear License Engineer is a professional who provides top notch engineering and technical assistance to ensure that nuclear power support system or facilities meet the federal and state Safety and licensing requirements.

They tend to have one of the finest paying professions in the Electric Utilities Central which is why it is a good career path.

To be a qualified candidate for this position, you must have a bachelor’s degree in IT or a closely connected field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Nuclear License Engineer makes an average of $44.44 – $48 per hour or an annual salary of$110,000.

There is expected to be a career growth of -1% which is equivalent to 100 job opportunities across U.S.


15. Power Plant Engineer: $90,000 – Per Year

Power Plant Engineer are professionals who are responsible for conducting operational tests, providing preventative maintenance on machines, inspecting thermal systems, and working closely with other plant personnel.

They are regarded as one of the best paying jobs in Central Electric Utilities making it a good career path.

Additionally,  to secure a job under this professional route, you must acquire a bachelor’s degree and all the necessary training and work experience to qualify as a candidate.

A Power Plant Engineer earns an average of $90,000 annually which makes it a good career path.

Is Electric Utilities Central a Good Career Path?

Yes, Electric Utilities Central is a good career path. The importance and uniqueness of this career sector cannot be underestimated.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Electricity is the most utilised energy resources in the world which makes it impossible for businesses, factories and manufacturing industries to survive without electricity.

Average Salary of Electric Utilities Central Workers

Due to the great demand for all positions, the average wage in the electric utilities headquarters is high and offers a consistent income.

The range of incomes is actually between $45,000 and $120,000, with the average salary in the profession being between $71,000 and $88,750.

A power distribution engineer might anticipate incentives from electric companies in addition to a salary, such as a healthcare plan and retirement contributions.

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FAQs On Best Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities Central

Who is the largest electric utility company?

The largest Electric Utility company are listed below:

1Pacific Gas & Electric5,188,308
2Southern California Edison4,963,983
3Florida Power & Light4,708,793
4Consolidated Edison2,478,248

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How big is the electric utility industry?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Utilities industry is $962.5bn in 2022.

Their is espected to be a market size increase of 7.4% in the Utilities Industry

How many utility companies are there in New York?

The state of New York is served by six large investor owned utilities, one large municipal utility, and many smaller utilities.

How many utilities companies are there in the UK?

The United Kingdom has one of the most competitive energy markets with over 37 active energy suppliers and at least 62 who have stopped trading.

What do electrical engineers do?

Electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, or equipment used in power generation are just a few examples of the electrical equipment that electrical engineers design, develop, test, and oversee the production of.

The electrical systems of cars and airplanes are also created by electrical engineers.

That’s all we have for the “Best paying jobs in Electric Utilities Central’.


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